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Don’t reach out to just any Medicare consultant. Connect with a Trusted Medicare Resource. The advisors on this page are knowledgeable regarding the various Medicare plans and policies in your area and advanced planning strategies. Please search for an advisor in your area.

Learn To Manage Your Medicare

You have many Medicare options. Parts A, B, C, D in additional Medigap insurance. Seniors have plenty of questions regarding which Medicare plan is appropriate:

  • Should I apply for original Medicare? (Parts A and B)
  • Is a Medicare Advantage plan best in my situation?
  • Should I consider a Medigap policy?
  • Which Prescription Drug plan is best in my situation?
  • What are the copays for the various parts of Medicare?
  • When is the best time to apply for Medicare?
  • When is open enrollment and how will I benefit?
  • Which Medicare plan is better if I travel frequently?
  • How does Original Medicare differ from Medicare Advantage?
  • How can I control my medical costs?
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If so, build your practice by owning your very own Medicare Help Center (SSHC). Baby boomers have questions regarding their Medicare plans and are looking for competent advisors. Help the 76 million baby boomers with their many Medicare questions.

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